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I am an ex triathlete from NSWIS, triathlon coach, running coach, obstacle racing coach, strength & conditioning coach, exercise science uni teacher & personal trainer.

This is a first for this area, as no other facility offers it, It's unique & open to anyone age of 10years and up.

This will be a service for the local Camden, Macarthur, wollondilly area.
It will be a stepping stone for everyone to reach the goals that they want to achieve. E.g compete at state, national level, join NSWIS, AIS. This is open to any sport, nothing is limited.

What F2SUIS will be providing:
- assessments; fitness, endurance, flexibility, stamina, strength etc
- training programs
- recovery advice
- sports nutrition advice
- mentoring
- workshops
- sporting teams off season/pre season testing
- potential running program (selected people)
- potential sponsorships
- referrals to other local professionals

To make an appoinment - Email or Call

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